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Vendor Selection

Selection Process 

2021 Fall Decision to explore the electronic research administration (ERA) market for a full modern software suite to reduce risk related to unsupported and unstable software. Completed market research and analysis and held meetings with Kuali to discuss the product roadmap for a full modern suite.
2022 January to
Multi-day vendor demo sessions based on market research (Cayuse, Huron, Tech Software) were held remotely with members of the research administration and compliance community. 
2022 March-May Request for Proposal Process (RFP) - WVU Procurement & Contracting Services
2022 June   Selection Committee - Selected top two finalists (Cayuse and Huron Research Suite)
2022 June Finalist on-site demonstrations at the Erickson Alumni Center - Campus Wide Invitation
2022 July      Selection Committee - Selected the Huron Research Suite as the ERA vendor
2022 July-August Comprehensive reference checks of R1 universities using the Huron Research Suite
2022 August-
Business case and budget approval from the WVU executive management and the BOG
2022- 2023 Winter- Summer Contract negotiations were led by WVU Procurement & Contracting Services for the complex contract (multi-year, six software modules, software as a service (SaaS).
2023  July Contract fully executed
2023  July Campus announcement of the Huron Research Suite as the ERA vendor (University policy prohibits the vendor to be communicated until the contract is fully executed)
2023 July-
Onboarding for Huron and planning for the Discovery Phase
2023 September Discovery phase kick-off with Huron

June 2022 Finalists - On-Site Demo Information

  • Held at the Erikson Alumni Center
  • E-News Invitation Campus Wide
  • 75 minute demos with 45 minute Q&A
  • Approximately 70 attendees per session
  • Survey for feedback (results are below)


Cayuse Product Overview (PDF) Cayuse Questions and Answers

Huron Research Suite (Selected product)

Huron Product Overview (PDF) Huron Questions and Answers